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Carl Henrik Hilding


Reflections move like ripples once you start spinning the prism. Even the most basic ideas can hide a full spectrum of color. 

Hi. My name is Carl. I am the vocalist in the band Alpaka, a composer and amongst other things, a creator of noise (the latter term being very subjective). I enjoy finding exciting sounds in unexpected places, both within instruments or out in the world. Clarity through obscurity or vice versa is key.

I love art in all its glory and variations and would love to collaborate with new people and in new and exciting ways. What can we do for each other? Please send me an email if you have any questions or ideas and I'm sure we can make something work!

All the best. 



lucid dynamics.png

Lucid Dynamics: This song was my first published solo work and was a very new thing for me at the time, since I had mainly written rock music prior to this. The full song is available on soundcloud. 


d: What happens when you combine crickets, electrical disturbances, a hammer and a reverb pedal in an old barn? Well... this.. probably, maybe... The full song is available on soundcloud. 

Plague Rounds - Alpaka
When recording this song, we wanted to find a nice place that complemented the feeling. So we decided on the barn at the farm where I grew up. We also made a video at the same time that you can find on youtube.

Members of Alpaka

Simon Närbo, Robin Andreasson, Carl Jonsson.

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