Olivia Ahltorp


I find inspiration in Nature. People. Life. My music has been described as atmospheric, cinematic, down to earth.

I love to see my creations as part of a greater story, why I’m reaching out for people to collaborate with - musicians, writers, artists, dancers, film makers, game designers, actors… all kinds of storytellers. 

I’m looking forward to talking to you. 




Skogen viskar - förnimmelser av ett skogsfinskt liv 

is an audio visual exhibition produced by Rau-Rau Creative, upon request of Värmlands Museum & Finnskogen - vägen till världsarv. Read more about the project here

Sound design: Olivia Ahltorp & Oskar Nyström
Illustrations: Oskar Jonsson


Remember Roots is a composition I made for the outdoor dance-and-fire event ELDKONST in Karlstad 2019. My aim was to create a reflection of the development of the human civilization. The full song is available on spotify and youtube.

Composer: Olivia Ahltorp
Producers: Olivia Ahltorp & Pontus Stålberg
Musicians: Julia Bengtsson, Kristian Aurelius, Jakub Becerra Pietryka, 

Karoline Engberg, Olivia Ahltorp, Pontus Stålberg, Linnea Waljestål, Alexander Ohlsson

I am singer and pianist in the folk indie band SKOGEN. The band is no longer very active, but some songs are available on spotify and youtube

Members of SKOGEN: Olivia Ahltorp, Johan Karlsson, Benjamin Selling,

Anna Sturesson, Robert Engblom

Producer: Jacob Alm